Coffee & Desserts

It's time for a road trip! 

     It's early in the morning, and you and your friends have loaded into the van. You turn on the radio, turn the music up and open all the windows. You start to sing along and everybody joins you. 

     Everyone is chillin.  All you need to make things perfect is a cup of coffee and something sweet!


About Us

     Inside our Cafe you will find a 1972 jukebox that is free for your use.  Our checkout counter is a 1967 Volkswagen bus and our walls celebrate the great musical artists of this time period.  Take a step with us back in time, listen to live music and become a hippie all over again!  


Featured Items


Espresso and your choice of milk, served steamed or over ice.

S - 4.00

M - 4.50

L - 4.50​

Raspberry Lemon Iced Coffee

A classic, with a hint of sweet raspberry and tangy lemon.​ 

S - 2.00


Buttery crust, sweet filling. The perfect match for a cup of coffee. 

Slice - 4.00

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When you just feel like chillin' out...

We provide free WiFi and a place to slow things down.  Our space is also available to book for meetings or special events.

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